We're Ghosting Substack

This is our last post on Substack, but you won't notice a difference

Hey Hot Cakes!

After watching the various public and private conversations around Substack and its secret editorial policy play out, we decided to make the move to Ghost, a nonprofit, fully transparent platform that reinvests its revenue in technology and service updates. We know exactly where Ghost’s money comes from and where it goes, because they post all of it online. So, yeah, you could say we’re…um…ghosting Substack. (Mary’s very proud of that one.)

Some folks—on social media, in real life, and even here in comments—have suggested that those of us who have decided to leave Substack in the wake of various accusations are on some sort of fool’s mission for a pure platform, or on a slippery slope to censorship. Folks, Amy has been in media for 20 years, she’s spent more time researching and critiquing media and information systems than probably 98 percent of reporters and 99 percent of readers, and Mary is a Black female climate writer in America….neither of us is under any illusion that some perfect system exists, nor are we in the habit of purity testing all of our choices.

This isn’t about being perfect, this is about being better—much like climate action! In this case we had two options, stay on a platform that is not just a distribution mechanism, as it claims to be, but a publisher that refuses to be transparent about its editorial choices, or be slightly inconvenienced for a week and move to a platform that is just a platform with transparent financials and clear policies that are equally applied to all users. It also happens to be an option that puts more subscription money into our bank account as opposed to generating more fee revenue for a team of venture capital-backed tech bros. Again, pretty easy choice.

Starting this weekend, you’ll be getting the Hot Take newsletter served up by Ghost. You don’t have to do anything, both paid and free subscriptions have been transferred over. The newsletter might look slightly better, though. Another bonus.

See you Sunday!


Mary + Amy